Stylish and Affordable Watch Brands — Check out these Beautiful Watches for Men

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Watches are a time-consuming and expensive habit, especially when you start fixing your own watches, upgrading certain components, and really testing their strengths to see how far you can push the limits.  For you, my dear reader, we have listed the 10 stylish and affordable watch brands for men. Trusted and popular brands with superb movements, dial windows, cases, and simply masterful craftsmanship for every watch they assemble.

1. Victorinox

While this list is in no particular order, Victorinox holds a special place in my heart as one of the 10 stylish and affordable watch brands for men. You will recognize these guys from their history as one of only two companies to ever make a true Swiss Army Knife, but they did a lot more than that.

Victorinox produced the I.N.O.X., one of the most durable watches in the world.  It’s more than a hundred and thirty years of acquired knowledge, testing, dedication, and expert watch design, all packed into one model.

It’s not just about their story, it’s about how they look to the future.  Where many other brands get stuck in the dust, they have crossed the line between affordability and maintaining their original ideal of what a proper men’s watch should look, feel, and perform.  If you really want to invest in a worthy watch, one with a notoriously long warranty and a dedicated customer support team, Victorinox watches are the first to start with.

2. Citizen

The Eco-Drive is one of the best deals for your money. Citizen has presented so many watches in this line over the years that you have a huge amount to choose from, all in various affordable price ranges.  In addition, they are so well-known and based on quality that they are officially recognized by Disney as the official watch of Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

Citizen’s main attraction is that they have not forgotten what it means to provide one of the 10 stylish and affordable watch brands for men.  It does not matter if the Eco-Drive (or any one of the other Citizen watches you have chosen) is five, ten, or twenty years old, they will do their best to help you find a suitable solution for you.  Finally, it is a very philanthropic company that works with a wide variety of non-profit organizations.  So buying from Citizen is a good way to save money and help someone in need.


Are you ready to join the movement?  MVMT is a company that saw the rigorous pricing units of today’s luxury watch market and wanted to do better for water lovers by producing one of the 10 stylish and affordable watch brands for men.  Luxury has never been so affordable.  Free worldwide shipping, 2-year warranty on all their types of watches, and impressive customer service to get you started.  Do you have any issues? They have your back. Has the warranty expired?  They will continue to do their best to help you.

Other than that, they are just great at making watches. I seriously love many of their design options when it comes to minimalist watches.  Excellent movements, durable case construction, and the correct size and material proportions truly make these men’s watches for the everyday man.  For business, casual, or whatever, it pays to have an MVMT on your wrist regularly.

4. Vincero

This relatively new company has only been around for a couple of years, but they are already making their name in the watch industry. Three gentlemen founded a company to offer luxury watches at a lower price and are constantly bringing new models onto the market.  Their watches are only $149 and rarely cost more than $269.  So you can mix and match while knowing that you are wearing one of the 10 stylish and affordable watch brands for men. 

They make use of Japanese quartz movements throughout, stainless steel for the cases, and have an amazing collection of chronographs that would make even the most reticent businessman squeal with delight.  One of the best things about Vincero is that since they were born through Kickstarter and their sole focus on selling online, they know exactly what proper and attentive customer service should be. First-class from top to bottom.

5. Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer is another large Swiss watch company.  They certainly bring out some of the more expensive models on the market, but Tag has a reputation as one of the best customer services in history.  Few watchmakers can achieve one-fifth the age of their business or half the quality in being one of the 10 stylish and affordable watch brands for men. 

They know what real man style is and how to look good.  A standard 45mm stainless steel watchcase paired with powerful analog movements delivers formidable style and proven quality that refuses to go out of style. It’s a simple company that does what it knows and does it well, which is why I love Tag Heuer watches.

6. Tissot

The Swiss are doing better. Tissot is another excellent watchmaker dating back to 1853. They are the official timekeepers for championships in motorcycling, fencing, and more, and they have not arrived by accident.  There were many competitors, but they withstood all the tests and trials their watches endured and made it to the top.

They have been at the forefront of mechanical movement, keeping up with other companies and outperforming them in many respects.  Good old-fashioned Swiss quartz for the movement, minimal and classic designs for their watch faces, and plenty of classic flair are just some of the reasons this beloved brand lives on.  Tissot watches are not as inexpensive as Casios, but they are one of the 10 stylish and affordable watch brands for men and provide tremendous value over time. 

7. Daniel Wellington

One way to always recognize a Daniel Wellington is the band design.  Innovative watch design, spectacular color choices, and products under the hood truly result in a high-performing watch.  Daniel Wellington is one of the 10 stylish and affordable watch brands for men because they stick to what they know and keep it simple. There are too many watches, brand names, and fake out there that are too busy to be innovative. 

So these people come to make things better.  Thinner bezels, flatter cases, and distinctive crowns that don’t detract from the overall design or look too bulky.  They pride themselves on an interchangeable strap design and work continuously to get a truly versatile line of Daniel Wellington watches and bands and keep everything moving like clockwork.

8. Hamilton

Before World War II, there were many companies that were going bankrupt because of the Great Depression.  Hamilton would not come out so easily.  In fact, Hamilton USA started in the middle of the action in 1937, when even at home it was less than ideal conditions to operate.

They stayed as accurate as possible in their prices and continued to promote their affordable luxury forward. Hamilton in particular has one of the best reputations and records for customer service, being one of the 10 stylish and affordable watch brands for men.  Some of the best guarantees you will ever find will be on a Hamilton watch, as well as innovative design. Chronograph, steel bracelets, Italian leather straps: nothing is out of the question and there is no cost spared when it comes to styling you up with durable, high-performance watches.

9. Invicta

The Invicta represents nautical style without paying a hefty dollar for a diver’s watch and you’ll keep walking with Swiss watches, beautifully designed and made to last.  Invicta is focused on quality and remains committed to providing the best products almost any brand can promise.  Invicta watches are inexpensive, efficient and attractive. That’s why it’s one of the 10 stylish and affordable watch brands for men. 

The Invicta Pro Diver series gives you a nautical feel while making use of high quality materials such as scratch-resistant sapphire crystal dial windows, a stainless steel strap or rubber straps and a sturdy chronograph that is resistant to any condition. Their style goes beyond the minimalist approach, leaving you with a full dial and plenty of moving parts, but a harmonious sense of how everything works in parallel, thus making it one of the 10 stylish and affordable watch brands for men. 

10. Timex

There are two sides to Timex: digital and analog.  From the initial cost to replacing the assemblies, everything is at the lowest level I have ever considered for a quality watch. Timex is simply one of the 10 stylish and affordable watch brands for men. 

Timex is a brand you already knew about before reading this article, and for good reason: they invent, discover and determine what a cheap watch should be.  Weekender is one of our top choices, crafted with a brass case, a mineral dial window, and a nylon belt that’s easy to change when it suits you over time.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Which watch brand is the best?

This is difficult to say because even those who make watches cannot judge accurately.  In my experience, the brothers trust Tag Heuer watches.  If you want to buy a watch for yourself, you can choose the Hamilton.  This type of design is quite beautiful and varied, the price is also affordable, not too thoughtful.

2. What is the average cost of a watch?

Expensive watches mean confirming the wearer’s position in society.  Many technicians choose watches based on their brands. The price of watches is dependent on the brand, features and accuracy, or just the amount of precious metal they are made of.  In general, the price of a watch depends on a number of things.  You can get advice on choosing the right products for your pocket and your needs.

3. Should you choose mechanical watches, automatic watches or electronic ones?

According to a recent study, electronic watches often work more accurately than others. However, if you have a mechanical watch, you will be great in the eyes of other gentlemen.

In fact, the accuracy of the electronic watch won’t affect your life much unless you need millisecond accuracy.  However, the electronic watch has the advantage of being cheaper, so watch companies are not stable for a long time due to this. 

4. Why are mechanical watches expensive?

Simply because the production costs are higher because of more details.  Mechanical watches require very careful techniques and should definitely require experienced and tech-savvy watchmakers.  Those two things don’t come cheap!

The materials of the mechanical watch can be: gold, precious stones and more expensive special metals.  Guaranteeing these children is complicated because there are more detailed, the distribution system is smaller, therefore the cost will be higher.

5. Which watch face is the best material?

The glass surface is usually made of synthetic plastic, it is slightly elastic and scratched, but very easy to polish and renew.  The elongated glass surface has good water resistance, it is more difficult to scratch, but if it is scratched the solution is only a replacement.  The best one is the scratched sapphire surface, but it is also seen as the most expensive.

With the above information, you can consult the selection of materials that are suitable for your budget and needs.


We all have our own place in time, but we do not all have the right way to watch it.  How will time determine you and where will it lead you?  Grab the right watch, create your collection and go with some the 10 stylish and affordable watch brands for men.

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