Best Fitness Apps That Are Free to Download

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Although you might believe that modern gadgets and technology only help people to gain weight and not necessarily lose it, the reality is different. That your smartphone can be turned into a loyal fitness partner. It can easily become your fitness partner who can help you achieve your fitness goals without much trouble. And you can make use of the best fitness apps to ease your working out and make it much more enjoyable. 

All these apps are free for both Android and iOS. 

1. Sworkit 

Sworkit is an app that can help you in planning your workout style and setting up your fitness regimen. It works in this way: you put in the information about your current fitness level and select your future fitness goals. Then the app provides you with a 6-week fitness program that can help you achieve your goals. 

One of the reasons why Sworkit is one of the best fitness apps is that all the exercises it suggests are the ones you can easily do in your home. You don’t have to spend money going to the gym, neither do you have to go outside when there’s bad weather. 

2. Nike Run Club

Nike is not just a top gun in the production of fitness clothing, it has also developed one of the best fitness apps called Nike Run Club. 

The application is designed for runners and other people who want to lose weight by jogging. It helps you track your cardio workouts, and at the same time, it provides you with the needed motivation to perform your workouts in the right way. 

3. MapMyRun

The reason why I added this app to the list of the best fitness apps is because of the convenience it affords to people who like to explore new areas. It can also be used by those who live in big cities but aren’t familiar with all parts of it. MapMyRun will prevent you from getting lost while you’re jogging. Also, it will give you a warning if you go too far from your starting point. 

Additionally, the app is designed to select the best running course using GPS. This means that it will choose the best route for you, the one with the least traffic so you can have a stress-free run. 

4. MyFitnessPal 

This is one app you’ve got to install. It doesn’t matter what your fitness plan is, as one of the best fitness apps, MyFitnessPal is here to help you achieve it. 

Firstly, it is filled with lots of features to help you track your workouts. But its most unique feature is that it has a database of over 5 million foods along with their nutritional benefits. 

But it doesn’t end there. MyFitnessPal also comes with a barcode scanner that gives you the nutritional info of the food you want to buy. You can also import recipes, this helps you to count your daily calorific intake. 

5. Runkeeper 

This app is similar to MapMyRun in that it uses the GPS feature to help you in your jogging sessions. However, its main use is not in finding the right running course for you. 

Rather, the app aims to provide you with the correct details about your runs such as your pace, your calorie burning, and others. Thus making it one of the best fitness apps you can find online. 

6. Endomondo 

The thing that makes Endomondo so unique is that it does only help you to plan your workouts and keep track of them. It equally lets you to create fitness challenges and post them on your social media pages. 

In this way, your family and friends can motivate you and also congratulate you when you achieve your goals. 


If you’re a gym rat, this is one of the best fitness apps you can install. JEFIT has about 1,500 various gym workouts, with each well explained. 

JEFIT also provides you with a video or photo of how each exercise is done apart from describing each exercise. With this app on your phone, you won’t get bored while in the gym. 

8. Keelo

Keelo is really one of the best fitness apps for both people who are looking to lose weight and those who want to build up some muscle in the gym. The uniqueness of this app comes from the fact that it’s designed to help people who are doing the HIIT workout program. 

HIIT means High-Intensity Interval workout. It’s a calorie-burning and muscle-building exercise that only lasts about 15-20 minutes. However, because of its fast pace, it’s hard to keep track of HIIT exercises. This is where Keelo comes in to help you. 

9. FIT Radio 

FIT Radio is one of the best fitness apps you can download and install for free. It is good for people who find it difficult to keep going while in the gym or having their cardio sessions. It’s really a radio app that plays specific songs designed for workouts. All you have to do is to choose the type of workout you want and it will play the right music for such a workout. 

10. Charity Miles

This is yet another one of the best fitness apps to help you with getting motivated. If you like to run, this is a great app for you. The main aim of this app is to give money to charity whenever you run. Therefore the more you run, the more money will go into charity. 

Also, apart from sending money to charity, Charity Miles equally helps to track your running time and distance. 


Now that you’ve seen my selection of the best fitness apps, I believe you can now choose the best app or apps for your various fitness goals

Remember, if you want simple exercises you can do in your home, Sworkit is a good choice. If you want to keep track of your runs with a GPS-mapped route, then you should go for MapMyRun. However, if you want to workout while maintaining a healthy diet, the best app for you is MyFitnessPal