Best Places For Solo Travelers

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If you are one of those people with a boundless spirit of adventure, then you’ll understand how liberating and exciting it feels to explore the world, discover enchanting locations, peoples, cultures, and cuisines.

If you don’t have a travel companion, you shouldn’t let it dampen your spirit of adventure and the yearning to travel. This is because, with just a few things like a backpack and hiking shoes, you can have an amazing solo experience. Of course, you never know who or what you might encounter on the way. 

The major problem you might have is choosing where to start your next great adventure! That shouldn’t worry you either. I am here to help you unravel some of the most amazing places to travel to in this wonderful guide.

From Asia to Australia, from the USA to Europe, I’ll take you on a journey to look at the top places that are perfect for a solo trip. 

The First Step in Planning a Solo Travel

You don’t have to feel nervous about traveling solo nowadays. This is because the world is now open to the bold and independent traveler. Can you properly plan and prepare for your trip without forgetting essential things like a power bank and a portable water filter? Then you can fulfill your wanderlust and set out to explore those amazing places you’ve always dreamed of. 

World Travel

Maybe you’re not chanced to make the research yourself, or maybe you’re just searching for the extra bit of inspiration that will help you plan your full global itinerary, I’m taking a look at 10 awesome destinations you can go to when you’re traveling alone.

In this guide, no corner of the world is left out, so dust your passport, take out your hiking shoes and be ready for a virtual trip that will leave you breathless! Better still, if you have the money, you can start booking flights and arranging the travel essentials. 

You shouldn’t be afraid of solo travel as it gives you ample time to reflect on yourself, discover yourself, and control your movements, including how long you stay in a particular place. Now, isn’t that an exciting prospect? Let’s get down to it then and help you in discovering the best place for you and your next global adventure.

1. Melbourne, Australia

Surely if you’re looking for the land of adventure, then Australia should be one of the first ports of call. I recommend you add Melbourne to your list of magical places and not Sydney, although if you’re traveling to Australia, you have to visit Sydney for sure.

Melbourne, however, is much more cultural and welcomes solo travelers with open arms. It is widely known for it as many international students choose this magical city as their gap year travel destination. 

Best Places for Solo Travelers - Melbourne

This friendly and amazing city has a lot of things that can charm and entertain the solo traveler, though the possibility of meeting wonderful and lifelong friends in the place. With landmarks like Phillip Island and the Great Ocean Road accessible to you, it’s the perfect place to start exploring more of Australia if you so wish.

Make sure you don’t leave your phone behind as you’ll encounter some awe-inspiring scenes, and also ensure you take a spare power bank as you wouldn’t want to miss recording any single thing. Melbourne is one of our best places for solo travel.

2. London, England

London is one of the most impressive places to visit despite your status. However if you’re an independent traveler, it’s much easier and more fun to get around this ancient city with its wonderful transport system that links the entire city.

Despite the mode of transport you choose—be it the underground, the bus, the cycle system or even using the Thames riverboat system—you can navigate London easily both during the day and at night. 

Best Places for Solo Travelers - London

And with so many historical sights to visit—from Buckingham Palace to Trafalgar Square to Downing Street—you will feel the cultural ambiance in the air.

You should always go with your phone or a travel camera so you can capture these timeless memories. London also has lots of live music and theatrical scenes, including lots of parks, museums, and exotic cuisines from around the globe. 

This city is a hub of different cultures and a must-visit place for travelers, although it’s a city that’s always on the move as it is alive on a 24-hour basis.

To make your trip to London a worthwhile experience, do make sure you have a good credit card with a reasonable limit on it so you can fully enjoy all that this enchanting ancient city has in store.

3. Singapore, Singapore

Wow! Such a clean, safe, and friendly city! Singapore is a place you’ll want to visit with its exotic and delicious cuisines, top-notch shopping, and utterly stunning nature reserves.


Make sure you’ve packed a good pair of shoes for walking because you’ll get to have the opportunity to explore lots of beautiful and stunning parks and outdoor places. As a heaven-sent destination for travelers, Singapore deserves a place on my global itinerary. 

The people are very warm and friendly and I can guarantee you’ll be perfectly safe as a solo traveler. This is why it’s a good favorite place for female solo travelers, although its world-class shopping might also be a factor!

4. Amsterdam, Holland

Amsterdam is one of the most lively and mesmerizing cities in the world. So full of life and vigor. And it’s such a safe and friendly place for independent travelers.

Grab your hiking shoes, pick up your camera, and get ready for an exciting time. Explore the canals and the many side streets of Amsterdam. Immerse yourself in this city’s cultural atmosphere with internationally recognized museums like the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank’s House.

Best Places for Solo Travelers - Amsterdam

Although viewing the high-spirited ambiance of the red light district is breathtaking, that’s not all there is to this awesome city. 

But imagine filling your family and friends back home with stories about the splendid “window displays!” This magical place boasts of glorious architectural marvels, an excellent transport system (for the cycling enthusiasts), and you wouldn’t want to miss seeing the wooden clogs and the famous and beautiful Tulips.

Indeed, this city does possess all it takes to give a solo traveler an experience of a lifetime, so get your gear ready and get going!

5. Santiago, Chile

The people of Santiago, Chile are so effusive with their warmth and friendliness. That’s why this city is among one of the best places for solo travelers. They’re so open to tourists and foreign travelers that one of the local families might even invite you for dinner and some drinks!

The city itself boasts of lots of cafes and clubs so you know you’re going to have a great and high-spirited adventure. 

Best Places for Solo Travelers - Santiago

If you’re going to Santiago, you might want to switch your hiking shoes for your dancing shoes and be ready to join the locals for some fun time dancing. I’m quite sure you’d meet some warm, friendly, and accommodating people in Santiago. You might even find it hard to leave at the end of your trip.

6. Vancouver, Canada

If you search the internet for the safest and best places for solo travelers in Canada, Vancouver is a favorite destination. And it’s easy to see why. This city on the west coast seaport is very lively, warm, and full of life. Vancouver is a wonderful place to visit as you’ll meet a lot of friendly and interesting people in this city. 

Best Places for Solo Travelers - Vancouver

There are some utterly stunning sights you surely have to visit when you’re in Vancouver such as Stanley Park, Science World, and Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s classical Chinese garden. As there’s no communication problem on this trip, you don’t have to worry about Google Translate!

7. Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik is one of the best places for solo travelers. When coming to Reykjavik, you should make sure you have a portable water filter as you’ll have a swell time exploring the many fjords and lagoons of this wondrous land.


This city is perfectly safe for both male and female solo travelers and since almost everyone speaks good English, you won’t have any problem communicating and exploring the land. 

With luck, you’ll get to see the famous Northern Lights, something so spectacular that will surely leave you breathless. However, if you don’t see it on your current trip, you can always plan to do so on another trip as I’m sure you’ll return to this magical place.

8. Kyoto, Japan

Japan as a whole is a dreamland filled with a diverse landscape and such a lively and enchanting cultural atmosphere. Japan’s rich history, topography, advanced technology, and culture makes it one of the best places for solo travelers.


Although Tokyo is a city that readily comes to mind when talking about Japan because the atmosphere thrills your senses. I recommend you also visit the imperial seat of ancient Japan, Kyoto, which promises a whole new experience for the independent traveler. 

The amazing architecture and ancient temples, the traditional tea houses which have been made famous worldwide by the Geishas. Plus so many wonderful and stunning gardens, all combine to make Kyoto an amazing city to visit.

Make sure to visit its famous UNESCO World Heritage sites like the Shimogamo’s and Kamigamo’s Shrines. Join other travelers in enjoying this oriental wonderland. Also, make sure you download a translation app so you don’t get lost in communicating with the locals.

9. San Francisco, USA

This was a tough choice because the USA in itself needs to have a guide listing the most amazing places you can visit on a solo trip. With a diverse geographical landscape and cultural undertones, the USA is a place that has something for everyone. More so, San Francisco is one of the best places for solo travelers in the USA.

Best Places for Solo Travelers - San Francisco

But the reason I picked San Francisco is because of the open-hearted friendliness of its people. And if you’re looking at exploring more of the West Coast, this is a wonderful starting point as you can easily continue down, meeting and enjoying more exciting places.

10. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland, the Emerald Isle, is unmatched when it comes to hospitality and giving its visitors the craic (that’s fun times in the local language!). It’s one of the best places for solo travelers.

Best Places for Solo Travelers - Dublin

When visiting this wonderland, you might want to pack heavily, but rest assured that you’ll have a truly wonderful experience as a solo traveler. More so, you’ll end up making lifelong friends over the traditional pint of beer. 

And if you have the chance, check out the musical atmosphere and you won’t be disappointed, and whether or not you’re a good dancer, once the traditional Celtic melodies start filling the air added to the flowing Irish whiskey, you will be on your feet, dancing away in joy!


Make sure you’ve fully prepared and done your basic research before going off on a solo trip. Another wonderful idea is to give your family and friends a copy of your trip itinerary. Especially if you plan to be away for a long time and are traveling to multiple locations.

Never fail to leave for such an adventure without a backup power bank. You can never tell where you might be at a particular time and what the facilities might be like. 

Truly, it has never been this simple to travel. Solo traveling can be more exciting than you ever thought. Whether it’s sightseeing in exotic desert islands, or meeting new friends in a bustling capital city or exploring the various mountains, volcanoes, and lagoons of nature, solo travel can be a pleasurable experience.

Soon you’ll meet new friends like your fellow travelers as you set out on exciting adventures. More so, you’ll realize how easy it is to go anywhere these days. 

In conclusion, if you can visit one or more of these cities, you definitely will have an adventure of a lifetime as a solo traveler. 

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