Best Places to Propose

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Asking someone to marry you is one of the most important decisions and moments in your life. And if you’re planning to do this, there’s no doubt that you’re feeling a lot of pressure to do it just right. You need to do it in one of the best places to propose. 

The ring might be ready, you might also have prepared the words to say, you might have even asked his or her father. But the place where you pop the question to the love of your life is equally as important as popping the question. 

You need an atmosphere and a backdrop that would be memorable (as well great for Instagram). This is just the ultimate romantic gesture and a perfect way to get the answer you are looking for. 

But as the world is filled with lots of romantic places to go down on one knee, will you go to a far place to make your proposal or stay a bit closer to home? I think the perfect spot has to be romantic and picture-perfect as well. It also has to be somewhere that connects with both of you. 

Having this in mind, I decided to take a look at some of the best places to propose around the globe. Take your pick as you plan your very own romantic proposal. 

1. Santorini, Greece

The Greek island of Santorini is both a place of romance, glamor, and enchantment. This is why it’s one of the best places to propose and ask the love of your life to spend their life with you. 

Imagine a place with brilliant white-wash buildings, mesmerizing cliffside towns, amazing sunsets, plus a gloriously turquoise Aegean Sea, and you have to be with a heart of stone if you don’t fall in love with this peaceful island. 

The main problem would be to locate the perfect spot for the big moment, as there are so many options. You can choose a vineyard at sunset, a roof terrace of a five-star hotel, or you can pop the question at the end of a hike along the Caldera, with the most amazing views as your backdrop. 

Truly, Santorini is a wonderful blend of exquisite location, mesmerizing views, beautiful natural backdrops, and the ocean. Everything here is to be loved! 

2. Paris

This list of the best places to propose would not be complete without the City of Light included. Of course, Paris may be a little clichéd when it comes to love, but it has many locations that will definitely appeal to every romantic. Therefore it’s still is a great place to ask your love to marry you. 

If you’re thinking of the classic proposal, the Eiffel Tower or Paris’ ancient Pont Neuf bridge is hard to beat, but there are many other options. You could go for an impromptu riverside proposal by the Seine on a gloriously warm evening. Or you can melt their heart by going down on one knee by the tree-lined Medici Fountain. 

However, for the ultimate heart-melting proposal, first, enjoy a night at the Opera Garnier. Then ask them to marry you within one of the building’s many glittering reception salons. You can opt for a modern twist, and have the Louvre’s Pyramid as your backdrop when you do it. 

No matter where you choose in Paris, the most romantic of cities, you can be sure it will be a memorable proposal … and become a precious memory you’ll tell your grandchildren!

3. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

The Cliffs of Moher, along the west coast of Ireland, are alluring and romantic. And they make a marvelous clifftop place to propose. Take your loved one away for a long, romantic weekend to one of the most beautiful and iconic natural places in Ireland, and spend your time exploring the 8km of coastline, ending with your beautifully simple and romantic request. 

Go for drama and pop the question on the cliff edge, with the vast expanse of the ocean behind you and surrounded by the sound of the birds and the waves. You can also retreat for some tranquility to the nearby O’Brien’s Tower. Then have a toast to your engagement with a glass or two of Guinness and celebrate your future in the true Irish style!

4. New York City

You can double up a weekend trip to the Big Apple with a surprise proposal and you will definitely have some of the most amazing spots to go down on one knee. Yes, New York might seem to be a bit over-done when it comes to marriage proposals, however, it’s always the favorite of lots of people for a reason. And that’s because of its truly romantic urban backdrop. 

You can make it obvious, but no less romantic. Do this by going up the Empire State’s 86th floor. You can also try Central Park (with the Bow Bridge proposing to make it feel like a movie scene). Also, a helicopter ride above the Manhattan skyline can melt their heart. 

Finally, you can choose to be a little different by proposing on the Brooklyn Bridge, or under the Statue of Liberty, or in the Bronx Botanical Gardens, or even in the Museum of Natural History.  Enchanting and exciting, that’s love in the Big Apple!

5. Iceland

For couples who are lovers of nature or the outdoors, Iceland is a sure way to capture your loved one’s heart.

In Iceland, there are stunning landscapes to inspire an epic proposal, with glaciers, volcanoes, and a wild and rugged coastline that will serve as a backdrop to that special moment. You can plan your trip and stay to coincide with the amazing Northern Lights, and allow nature to provide a memorable display to your proposal. 

You can also opt for a memorable, social media-perfect waterfall, a whale-watching evening, or a skidoo ride out on to a glacier. Or just take a glass of champagne into the calming geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon for a quiet romantic proposal in one of the best places to propose in the world.

6. Rome

It doesn’t get much more romantic than Rome and the Eternal City is a wonderful location for asking that very special question … and for it to be accepted! And yes, you will share your special moment with the tourist crowds, but that isn’t such a bad thing, right? 

Rome has so much history and sensual architecture, so you have beautiful choices to ‘do the deed’. So for the brave ones, why not keep your ring in the pocket, don’t plan too much, rather wait for the right moment to come? And trust me, it will! Early evening in the Eternal City is very special, with the cool Mediterranean sunset adding a warm golden hue to the city and its stunning buildings. 

You should check out the magnificent Spanish Steps or the Trevi Fountain for a popular proposal spot. Or propose at the Colosseum just before sunset. And if you really don’t want to be around the tourists, then you should head for the Orange Garden on Aventine Hill. Take the ring, a bottle of wine, and ask them the question you’ve been dying to ask. 

7. Grand Canyon

As one of the best places to propose, the Grand Canyon doesn’t need an introduction. And, if you really want a magical location to go down on one knee, a blend of one of the best canyons in the world and the calming blue waters of Havasu Falls, will definitely appeal to the outdoor lover or the drama diva! Alternatively, you can go for that sky-high marriage proposal, with an ultra-romantic and dramatic helicopter ride across the canyon—truly spectacular. 

However, you have to work for the moment. That’s why you have to be prepared for the hike. As a place to ask them to marry you, the Grand Canyon is a sure place that will take their breath away.

8. St Lucia

Light up your romance with a vacation to a tropical island and make St Lucia the place for the most special marriage proposal. This Caribbean paradise is the perfect blend of golden sand, nature, ocean, mountains, opulence, and relaxation, all joining to create a relaxed, happy, and romantic atmosphere. 

You can spend your time together on isolated beaches and in the blue-green ocean, enjoying the air of the watersports, alfresco dining, spas, and the sheer paradise of St. Lucia. 

Finally, you can max out on the most amazing sunsets, with a romantic candlelit dinner and a chilled glass of champagne before you get down on one knee in the sand to propose. As you can see, St. Lucia is one of the best places to propose.

9. Venice, Italy

Although Venice might be a bit overused, it’s for good reason. Venice is home to amazing narrow canals, stunning Venetian Gothic architecture, and sensual lampposts giving light to the streets at twilight. It’s a little wonder why I couldn’t leave it off this list!

With Venice, there are lots of options. It’s possible you may want to go for the ageless gondola ride, but you can also get adventurous and explore the buildings of St. Mark’s Square outside the Basilica. There’s also the entrance of the San Giorgio Maggiore church to explore. Finally, you can decide to pop the question over a traditional Michelin star Venetian restaurant.

10. Mljet Island, Croatia

You can pack for a picnic and set sail from Dubrovnik to the greenest island of Mljet in Croatia. Mljet is an isolated national park filled with opportunities to pop the question—on walking trails and hidden beach coves

You can also explore the island by bike and take a dip in one of the two saltwater lakes afterward. Really, any place you choose on this verdant, forested island is going to be perfect. Therefore I’d suggest that you don’t plan for an exact spot, but let the perfect spot locate you!