Best Ski Brands

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Different brands continuously work on their products to improve them in light of new technologies. This is great news for every skier as skiing equipment will get lighter, faster, and be better in general. However, this makes it difficult for them to know the recent developments in the market. It also makes it harder to know the best ski brands with the best products. That shouldn’t worry you anymore, this guide is for you! 

Be it snow boots, quality winter jackets, or the durable ski goggles that you want, you should get them from the best ski brands. The reason for this is to get the value of what you paid for. And each brand’s reputation is enough to deem each product it releases good for people to use. This is where I come in, to give you the top 10 best skiing brands from across the world.

These companies have shown over and over again that they are to be trusted. This stems from the top-notch skiing gear they release into the market. Here they are in no definite order:

1. Bolle


This company has your head and eyes covered as it focuses on producing protective eyewear and ski helmets. Bolle was founded in 1888, making it one of the oldest skiing and sports gear brand available. This shows that the company has a great history of producing quality materials, despite being surrounded by high performing competitors.

Bolle has always manufactured high-quality products at lower costs and will continue doing so. 

2. Rossignol


Rossignol is a French ski company that is more than 100 years old. It is a leading company in the business of making ski gear and has won many awards for its innovations. In particular is the 7-Series feature, a new technology that reduces the ski weight by 20% without impacting strength.

The most popular in the series is the Soul 7 skis which are packed with a lot of features, specially made for women. 

3. Spyder


Spyder’s unique feature is that it blends skiing technology with modern trends. This means that you will be attracting attention while skiing. And it’s because of either your optimum performance or your awesome skiing apparel. 

Spyder’s reputation since the 1970s has made it the go-to place for all kinds of snow and ski accessory. From ski pants and boots to a pair of gloves, Spyder is there with high-quality skiing gear. 

4. Smith Optics

Smith Optics

This company focuses solely on high-tech ski goggles for over 50 years. Smith Optics’ futuristic snow and ski goggles combine safety with enjoyment with clear vision. It is one of the top brands when it comes to making goggles with anti-fogging and anti-glare capabilities. Smith also makes high-quality helmets. 

5. Atomic


Atomic is a company located in Austria that surely knows its onions. Its company mission is to make every skier a better skier. Atomic is surely a pioneer in the industry with over 50 years of experience in making high-quality skis. Its Vantage series are made to impress being of Olympic quality.

The recent product, the Bent Chetler 100 skis are made to offer the best feel and maximum float in deep snow. Atomic’s products promise that you’ll have the best skiing experience ever. Its product line includes skis, packages, poles, bags, and boots. It has all the gear you need!

6. Outdoor Technology

Outdoor Technology

Outdoor Technology has always been at the forefront of blending mobile technology with the desire to have fun outside. And of course, it has achieved that. This company has developed modern ski gear that has power sources for your phone and heating devices. Its gears also have cameras including a variety of audio devices.

Outdoor Technology caters to those who love skiing in the backcountry but still want to have a feel of modern technology. If you have a product by Outdoor Technology, you have no reason to go back indoors at all. 

7. Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen’s products are virtually everywhere because it’s an all-year manufacturer of ultimate ski gear. It also produces gears for all kinds of water sports too. Although Helly Hansen is involved in many things, it still produces sleek and comfortable ski jackets.

This company has been around since the 1800s and is still competitive, it surely deserves some credit. 

8. Shinesty


This company has a unique and original outlook on the business of producing skiing materials. Though it produces only ski jackets and snowsuits and a few other accessories, it is on this list because of its uniqueness.

Shinesty is also particular to detail and has always met high-quality standards while keeping its products at a fair price. If you’re searching for something different and original, then give Shinesty a try today. 

9. Icelantic


Although Icelantic is a young company, its skis have become popular for its awesome graphics and design. This company makes its skis in Colorado and offers them at a fair price.

Icelantic is superb, pure, and fun. It has the Pioneer skis that are designed to be perfect for an all-mountain skier. Pioneer will make you have the best experience possible because they were built to do well anywhere. It was made with a stiffer flex that gives it power and strength. If you prefer to ski through the park, then the Nomad 105 skis are the best choice from Icelantic. 

10. Zionor


You need ski goggles when you are flipping through the snow. They are necessary for keeping your eyes warm and protected from the glare of the sun. Zionor does the extra work by covering all of the goggle basics plus others. And brands that go the extra mile in service delivery deserve appreciation, right?

Zionor focuses on high-end anti-fog treatments with VLTs that range from 8.84%–70.48%. This means that this brand makes snow and ski goggles that are worthy of recognition. 

How the Best Ski Brands Were Chosen 

I did not simply pick brands randomly, although it would have been a lot easier for me. A lot of research and personal opinion went into writing this guide. Generally, 5 factors were considered in the making of this guide: reputation, reviews, history, quality, and price. 


The reputation of a brand is an indicator of how it is. And while different people prefer different products, the more popular a brand is, the more reputable it is. If a brand has a good reputation, it signifies that it is keeping up to its promise of delivering quality products. In the end, that’s what we consumers want—to get the value of what we paid for. 


It’s necessary to listen to what other people have to say about a company. You should consider the reviews of the people who have used the products of these brands. This is why I have taken my time to review a lot of ski brands and made sure to give you the truth as it is. 


It’s a good thing for some of these brands that they have been around for years. A brand that has been around for this long without folding under the pressure of competition deserves some recognition. That’s why every brand listed above was certified by going into their history. This is to ensure that it has a good record of service delivery. 


That a product seems pretty or that the idea of it is interesting doesn’t make it to be of high quality. They might not perform as you would have expected. That’s the reason I blended pretty with quality to ensure that all the brands mentioned are top-notch. After all, quality is key.



When thinking about the price of a brand’s product, the major concern is not the amount on the price tag. It’s fine if something is expensive. The more important factor is whether a product lives up to the expense. This is what true value is all about.

Some people believe in the policy of “you get what you pay for”. But experience has shown that a lot of brands price their products based on the value of their brand. This is not fair to consumers. That’s why I took my time to check out brands that offer fair prices that are in line with the quality of the product they have for sale. 


It’s not cheap to take up skiing as a professional sport or hobby. These days, the average ski resorts charge about $110 for a single day adult lift ticket. You also have to think about getting to the top of the mountain and keeping to the surroundings of the mountain. Other things to factor in include renting your ski gear or purchasing them for yourself. These make the cost of skiing high. 

If you’re wise about your purchases, however, you can save more money, and you can enjoy your snow sports very well. For instance, you can save a lot by purchasing season passes at your nearest or favorite resort. You could buy second-hand skis and other gear or on clearance. Also, if you’re searching for cheap skiing accommodation, why not stay with some fellow travelers? 

You could also fork out the money and buy from the best brands. This way, you will only purchase the necessary gear and equipment once. This is because of their durability and quality. It’ll last a long time. 

If you have a passion for skiing and snowboarding, or you need the sport for your emotional health, you should forgo the price. After all, you’re worth every penny you spend on yourself. Luckily, this guide will help you get the best skiing gear for you. You’re welcome!