Easy Ways to Get Better WiFi Outside

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Most times, we are stuck with our phones, browsing through the internet, either in research or other stuff. And while outside our houses, we also need to stay connected. That’s why most people constantly look for easy ways to get better WiFi outside. 

This is in response to people who proclaim that our need to be online causes our vitamin D levels to drop. While this might be true some years ago, we can do what we need to do with our various devices while outside. 

However, it’s a challenge to take our tablets, smartphones, and other devices outside. Our WiFi signals immediately become weaker once we leave the confines of our home. This can be extremely frustrating, especially if you have work to do. 

But there’s good news! You can solve this problem of weak WiFi signals and have your peace of mind intact with these easy ways to get better WiFi outside. 

1. Avoid cheap equipment 

Buying all the things needed for setting up your home WiFi network can be quite expensive. And when you want to extend that connection, there will be additional costs. However, there are some digital and electronic suppliers that will offer you bundles at excellent prices. 

You have to be sure that you’re buying gadgets of high quality. Many times, retailers give out some devices and gadgets that aren’t selling well or are of low quality. 

And while these bundles may save you some money, you may also be disappointed with the strength and quality of the WiFi signal in and out of your home. 

2. Move your router 

Yes, you’re here for easy ways to get better WiFi outside. You should pick out the perfect workstation and consider the distance between the station and the location of your WiFi router. 

If it’s possible, take the routers—including the VPN routers—close to a window or a wall that’s near a particular outdoor area. Bear in mind that when you relocate your router to accommodate other WiFi users outside, the signal inside may weaken. 

3. Invest in a WiFi extender

Let’s suppose that you’ve decided to take your router closer to the patio, and you notice that the WiFi signal in the other parts of the house is noticeably weaker. If this happens, you should consider purchasing a WiFi extender. 

This device will give you greater flexibility with the range of your WiFi. With it, you can keep your router where it is and leave the WiFi extender closer to your outdoor area. You can equally try out various configurations till you get the perfect one that works for your household. 

4. Use a powerline adapter for faraway locations 

We all know that not all outdoor work areas are just beyond your back door. For people who have larger properties, the distance between the WiFi hotspot inside the house and the work area outside might be too much for ordinary solutions. 

You can, however, improve your WiFi connection by using a powerline adapter. A powerline adapter transfers data via your electrical wires, making it possible for you to get better WiFi signals from anywhere in your house. 

5. Set up an outdoor access point 

Another one of the easy ways to get better WiFi outside your home is to set up an outdoor access point. You have to choose a particular outdoor location for this. But once you have set it up, an access point can give you a WiFi signal that’s strong both indoors and outdoors. 

As for configuring the access point, you need a unified management system. However, the resultant boost in the WiFi signal is definitely worth the effort. 

6. Run a cable 

Although a cable connection might not be your first choice, it could be the best solution to your problem of WiFi connectivity outside your house. If your outdoor workstation is a considerable distance from your home, you can consider going old-school by running a cable from your house to your open-air workstation. 

A properly installed cable system will mask any unsightly cords, giving you a sense of freedom usually left for the truly wireless. 

7. Use a mobile WiFi hotspot 

Children are well-known for using the internet for various illegal activities when the family is on road trips or when they’re at a boring event. They will usually ask you to switch on your mobile WiFi hotspot so you can share your internet connection with them. 

You can also use this method to get a better Wi-Fi connection when you’re outside. 


As you can see, it’s possible to have an extended internet connection while you’re outside and at the same time, keep all the members of your family happy. 

From increasing your productivity while being tanned to hosting a party on your lawn, all you need is some time and creativity to get the WiFi signal you need.