Fun Indoor Activities

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Yes, nobody asked for all of this quarantine and lockdown. But as the impact of the Coronavirus is being felt all over the world, we must stay indoors. It’s the only way to keep as many people as possible safe and healthy. And what’s more, you can have some fun indoor activities!

I know it sucks, but it doesn’t also mean that you can’t have fun while at home. There are tons of possibilities for you to enjoy yourself as we wait for all this to be finally over. 

1. Reading 

You might have been reading before, but despite your age and status, a new book is still something to look forward to. And in this period, you have more time than ever to start reading for fun. And if you’re into audiobooks, you can head straight to Audible. With such a tool, you can listen to books while you’re driving or taking a walk. Isn’t that awesome?

Reading a Book

2. Learn A New Skill

With apps like Udemy or Coursera, you can learn any new skill from the thousands of online classes available there. Do you have something you’ve been wanting to do, but the lockdown is preventing it? I can assure you that there is an online course for it.

Also, there are scores of music teachers who now use these online resources to teach.

Learn a New Skill

3. Virtual Movie Night

The lockdown has made movie nights an impossible thing to do now, right? Well, not quite so. There are lots of browser extensions that allow you to share screens between machines. This makes it easier to have a movie night without leaving your home. You could explore the Netflix Party, TwoSeven, and Popcorn Time extensions.

Virtual Movie Night

4. Watch YouTube Videos

Well, this requires you to stare at a screen. And sometimes it’s exactly what you need. You can watch something fun and interesting by checking out DudePerfect and Mark Rober. If you prefer to learn something new, then you should check out creators on the rise on YouTube. As you browse through the videos, you’ll see recommendations for similar content.

Watch YouTube Videos

5. Sing 

Singing is such a great mood booster that you don’t need to have the voice of an angel to do it. When you sing, your breathing pattern becomes better too. As you’re indoors, spend your time singing along to your favorite songs!

If you’re feeling self-conscious, some apps and tutorials could be of great help. Just pick up your phone and scroll through your app store for sheet music programs. You can also download karaoke apps if you want to have some fun with your family.


6. Cook

Are there food shortages where you’re now? Even if there isn’t, this could be the best time to pick up a cooking tutorial and get creative in the kitchen. If you were smart enough to buy a lot of useful things before the lockdown started, then you should have lots of roots and vegetables, and even some noodles. You should try to make a fresh onion noodle soup. It’s very refreshing.


7. Games

No matter the kind of game—board games, video games, card games, indoor games—it will lift your spirit and that of your family. Enjoy family time with games like Monopoly, Scrabble, Jenga, Chess, and other fun games.

Of course, there will be no dull moments if you’re the champion of the gods, chosen to destroy evil! Additionally, you can play a simulation game and live out those fantasies of yours.

Playing Games

8. Get Creative

You can join instructors on SkillShare to learn creative skills such as animation, drawing, painting, and much more.

You can also write. And I don’t mean writing a journal. Write poetry, or a short story, or even a novel. It’s time for you to be creative. Many people have already likened the current situation of the world to be like the apocalypse. You could take inspiration from that and spin a wonderful tale!


9. Start a Journal 

Yes, start a journal, or a blog, or just about any other thing. The important thing is to record your experience(s) during the quarantine. Although you might not readily see it, these are the times when people can record information that could be useful in the future about life under lockdown. 

It could be a family project, where everyone puts in an effort towards the library of information that could be useful in the future.

Write a Journal

10. Gardening 

Despite the current situation of the world, people still need flowers, fruits, and vegetables. There is still a lot of demand for these items. Therefore you should buy some seeds, soils, and pots and start your garden. There are many plant retailers you can get your plug plants from if you don’t want to grow from seed. You can be directed to these retailers from most online plant stores. 

And then by the end of the lockdown, you’ll be able to sell your plants for huge profits. Gardening is a fun activity you can do with your family which is equally beneficial to your health.